Thursday, April 14, 2016

Belgravia Progressive Blog Tour

Today is an exciting day for fans of Downton Abbey -- today marks the beginning of the progressive blog tour featuring Julian Fellowes' new novel Belgravia, which is being released in a weekly serialized format. Since today marks the release of the first installments, I wanted to give you a brief introduction to the tour and links to this week's episode discussions.

Award winning creator/writer of Downton Abbey presents his latest endeavor, Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia, a new book blending the Victorian-era serialized novel with modern technology.

Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia will be featured in a progressive blog tour April 14-June 16, 2016. Similar to a “progressive dinner party,” where a group of friends each make one course of a meal that moves from house to house with each course, a “progressive blog tour” is the same concept applied to the Internet. Eleven historical fiction bloggers and authors are participating, each taking one episode of the novel and offering a recap and review for that week. As a participant, you will follow the tour and join in the read-along and conversation. A fabulous give-away contest, including three (3) hardcover copies of Julian Fellowes’ Belgravia will be open to those who join the festivities.   

April 14 – Episode 1: Dancing into Battle
April 14 – Edwardian Promenade: Episode 2: A Chance Encounter

As the Belgravia tour's inimitable hostess, Laurel Ann of Austenprose provides an introduction of the tour which you can read here


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